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The Beginings of a Good Day

    I finished one of the most amazing books ever. I think it made it onto my "Favorite" list (which I will reread probably until I'm eighty) with Twilight, most Tamora Pierce books, the Abhorsen trilogy, and The Compass Rose before I'd even finished it. It's called The Order of Odd-Fish and it is just plain brilliant. It was written by James Kennedy and it's his first book but I look forward to anything else he might write.
   It was amazingly funny (a pretty weird sometimes what with the talking cockroaches and flying ostriches), but the comedy was balanced wonderfully by a serious plot that fit right in with Eldritch City.
    Basically I just thought it was amazing.
< Brilliant Book

   I also babysat my little sister all weekend while my parents were gone and I got her on the bus this morning and made it too my own class on time. I think today is going to be a good day. I'll talk to y'all later.



P.S. - Is anyone going to leave a comment about the last chapter of After Armageddon? I'd like to know what you thought.




Hello, this is James Kennedy -- thanks for writing such a kind about "The Order of Odd-Fish"! I'm really happy you enjoyed it.

P.S. I dig the Calcifer avatar.

Re: Thanks!

Forgive me if I don't believe you (it is the internet after all) but if you're really James Kennedy then cool, I think you're an amazing author. If not, well, I'm glad you like Calcifer. He is very cool.


Re: Thanks!

Thanks, Zellerose! Your caution of the Internet is well-founded, of course. But I promise I'm real.

By the way, there's a music blog called Largehearted Boy that has a feature called "Book Notes" in which authors are invited to compile a mixtape of songs related to their book. A couple weeks ago I put together a kind of soundtrack for "The Order of Odd-Fish." You can listen to a stream of the songs, and read my explanations for why I chose those songs, here:


I had a lot of fun putting the mix together. Enjoy . . .

Re: Thanks!

Thanks for the tip. I liked the themes you picked out for Lily and Jo and I Almost Had A Weakness made me laugh.
This may sound a little strange, but I was wondering if it would be alright with you if asked you a few questions? If you don't want me to I understand, but I was kind of wondering about Japan. The only people I've known who've been there have pretty much been confined to military bases and it just plain interests me. There was also a link to an interview down below your mix of music and you used a word there, matsuri, and I was wondering what that was?


Re: Thanks!

We should probably continue this conversation outside this thread . . . my email address is kennedyjames@gmail.com, but shhh, don't tell anyone!