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May. 30th, 2011


First Summer Movie!

So my family and I went to our first summer movie yesterday. It was...

KUNG FU PANDA 2!!!!!!!!
It was awesome, as good, no, even better then the first one. Not to put the first one down any -- it's still a cool movie and I really really like it still -- but the second one more then lived up to its predecessor. It was hilariously funny (for those who have seen it already the dragon was probably my favorite part. HA!) but it also had a good solid story (which I also love, wanting to be a writer and all). All in all I really loved it. Enough that when it comes out on dvd I want to sit down and have a kung fu panda marathon, and if they add a third then when that one comes out I'll have an even longer marathon. Wee! (What? It's not like I usually have something better to do on Saturdays.)
Plus, Po is awesome, a dork, but he's awesome at it. n_n

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Apr. 3rd, 2011

Happy Lina

I love Saturdays and playlists full of anime I haven't watched...

 Thank you God for do-nothing Saturdays. It was even nicer because among the randomly generating netflicks recommendation lists today there was one that was made up solely of anime. Yes.... I swear I could start laughing hysterically now. I love anime and it was so nice to see this great big list of series I haven't seen and a few I dearly love so much that I can watch them over and over again when I need to catch up on my paintings for all of my art classes. Mostly I watched Spice and Wolf today. LOVED IT. Holo's voice is so cool and I like how she and Lawrence are always holding hands. It's so sweet! ;3 I really like their opening and closing themes too. I had to go find all the music by the time I got to the middle of the show. But it only has 13 episodes! It's so sad. Most first seasons are 26. So I have to wait for more of my favorite wolf goddess and peddler couple. Sigh...they're so cute. See? \/
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Dec. 27th, 2010

Kingdom Hearts



Ahem I mean - so exciting. ;3

Hee I'm so hyped up. I've never beaten a game all by my lonesome before. Usually I have to get my younger brother to battle the bosses because they frustrate and confound me endlessly. I despise the lot of them. Stinkers always end up refusing to die. Ugh.

But not this time! I beat that dastardly Ansem all by myself! Oh yeah! Go me! Hooray!

But man I never thought bosses lasted through like ten fight. Yeesh. It was getting ridiculous by the end of it. Oh but the ending was so sad. Sora has to go save Riku and King Mickey (ha ha, that still makes me laugh. Mickey is so awesome) while Kairi is left on the newly restored island. Poor Kairi. If something goes wrong she'll never see Sora again. Sniff. Sad. You go through all that trouble to save her and in the end she just gets left behind. Sigh.

But still. It was good. Great game. Awesome game. Game I could actually win! Yeah me!

And my grandparents were nice enough to give me KH II and Re: Chain of Memories for Christmas so i can start the next one tomorrow. But for right now I'm going to enjoy my winning high tonight. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!

Sigh, oh i feel so good...



Oct. 31st, 2010

Kingdom Hearts

A Kingdom Halloween

 So while this is rather unusual for me, I currently find myself completely caught up in a video game (or as my sister likes to say obe-sessed). Not so surprising is that its fairly old and therefore within my low skill level. The game's Kingdom Hearts and I'm almsot positive that most people have heard of it. Its really cool I think but then I really like Disney movies. But what really amazes me is that I finished five and a half worlds in three days (I had mostly finished Wonderland last weekend. Oh lord how I love that movie!!!) So let's see, besides Wonderland that means I went through the Deep Jungle from Tarzan, the first two tournaments in the Olympian Coliseum, Monstro from Pinocchio (EW they made me swim in whale spit!), Agraba from Aladdin (LOVED IT), and Halloween town from the Nightmare Before Christmas. That last one is sort of neat because, well, today is Halloween!

But yeah I've never been into a game this much before in my life. Up until now all I could manage was Mario Kart for the N64 that I played when I was like seven and Super Smash Bros. because all I have to do is push buttons as fast as I can (It's fun to play when you don't know what you're doing!) It's always been my brother that spent the weekend clobbering bosses and such. But I really like this game. Enough that I might be asking for the next one for Christmas...

But anyhow, I made it to the one world that I wanted so desperately to see that i could quit the game quite happily when I was through with it (even though I probably won't until I've finished the whole story) -- ATLANTICA!!!! Yeah! Hooray! I love the Little Mermaid. It was my favorite movie of all time when I was little. So yeah! I'm extremely happy.

But they turned Simba into a rock! Ooo I'm still mad at them for that.

Of course now I want to re-watch all those Disney movies but my family only has them on VHS (I can't believe how outdated those things seem now) but I guess that's what yahoo is for after all.

Oh well, I'm tired and have school tomorrow. Time for bed. But there was one more thing I wanted to say, um, what was it...? Oh yeah!




P.S. - My ten year old sister was Sailor Moon for Halloween with the hair buns and everything! So cute! And I got to carve a pumpkin and eat its seedy insides. They were good. ;3

Aug. 26th, 2010

Happy Lina

A Very Nice Wake Up Call

 I posted a Slayers short story called In Other Words yesterday on fanfiction.net and already i got a review. I got another one for my latest chapter of After Armageddon too! Yeah! It's so nice to have two reviews and an author alert waiting in your inbox when you wake up. I wish it was like that every morning, but sadly it's not. Still, yeah!!!

Aug. 19th, 2010


Scouting Out the Scouts

 So if anyone really reads this then you'll know I've been slightly obsessed with Sailor Moon (with a break for the new and totally amazing Slayers seasons) but now I'm back on Sailor Moon. My sister and I watched the first and second Sailor Moon musicals from youtube. My favorites are definitely La Solider and Sailor War. Awesome songs. But now I can't turn the Sailor Moon switch off in my head. So I thought that I would list my favorite Senshi in order. It is a little difficult since I love them each in their own way.

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Aug. 11th, 2010

Happy Lina



We finished watching Slayers Evolution-R and I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!! The bit with, ahem, "Nama" was priceless and as usual the music was amazing! I wish i could find the soundtrack but all I've dug up are the opening and closing themes. Sigh, well they're amazing too. My favorite is the ending theme for Revolution (called Revolution, go figure). But I want more I want more I want more!!! I've heard that some people didn't like the new seasons but i think they're nuts. Sure things were different (and Pokota does indeed look like a pokemon) but it was still wonderful to have Slayers in my living room again. I would buy any other seasons they decided to make in a heartbeat. Or at least as soon as I had the money...hee n.n

So I'm going to re-watch the entire entire series with my sister and write Slayers fanfiction to ease the separation anxiety.



Aug. 7th, 2010

Happy Lina

The Slayers Invasion is Complete!!!

 I am currently sitting on my parents bed, watching my family play Clue and looking at the most beautiful thing in the world...

SLAYERS EVOLUTION-R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ordered it and it finally got here! YEAH!!! Lina's lovely arrival produced much squeeing in my sister and me. We love Slayers and now they have finally invaded our home. This completes my Slayers anime series set and I can't wait to wa-atch it!!!

I tell you having a job really pays off, and then you can buy Slayers with it!

Okay, I'll write later, when I'm saner.



P.S. - I'm writing another Slayers short story revolving around Lina and Gourry. I'll post it when it's all polished off and pretty. Bye!

Jul. 16th, 2010


Finally Paid Off

So I finally got a job. It's my first one so I was really nervous, but everybody was real nice and I haven't goofed up too much yet. But anyway, today was the best day ever because I got my first pay check! HUZZAH!!!! HOORAY!!! AND YES!!!!!! So after a gigantic hassle that involved annoying printers and their scanners, I put ten dollars in my savings and squirreled away another ten for a canvas I want for a painting I want to do. It's going to be HUGE!!! It's a festival on Venus celebrating the great queen Mighty Aphrodite (notice she's a queen, not a goddess) with the current princess twirling about in the street. It'll be my biggest painting as of yet. Usually I stick to ones around 14x16 or smaller but this one needs to be 30x40 at least.

Oh oh oh! Here's the best part. After I decided how much to save I went to amazon and bought a brand spakin' new copy of Slayers Revolution! YES!!!! Oh lord I am so happy. I've been dying to see the new seasons so bad. I'm so excited. It was only $28 too. I can't wait 'til it gets here! Eeek!

Okay, so I suppose that's all I have to say at the moment. Although my sister and I have continued on our Sailor Moon spaz so maybe I'll write something about that later, like my favorite scouts or something. Not really that important to other people but I like to imagine that someone out there reads it and goes "Huh, I did not know that." Plus I like to write my mind. Not speak it out loud (because then someone else would hear me, duh) just write it down.

Whew. Excitement really wears you out sometimes. No wait, that's doing inventory at Michaels. Hee.


P.S. - Slayers Revolution! Wheeee!!!!! 


Jun. 10th, 2010

O Rly?

Who the Heck is He?

Right, so quick question. My sister and I started watching Sailor Moon R the other day right? So, um...

Who the heck is this? V

He calls himself the Moonlight Knight, but he talks like Tuxedo Mask, he throws roses like Tuxedo Mask (cepting that his are white), and he gives sentimental advice like Tuxedo Mask. I thought they had to be the same guy but during that virtual reality episode he was standing right next to Darien. What the heck? Does Darien have some sort of evil twin who used to live in the Sahara? Wait, this Moonlight Knight guy is nice...hmmm...maybe Darien's the evil twin...

And where did Tuxedo Mask go? I miss him and his sharply dressed self, corny lines included. True, Tuxedo Mask and Moonlight Knight aren't that different so far, but still, he didn't drive me crazy with his presence and he isn't dressed for the new Prince of Persia movie.

See? He would fit right in. > 

Well, hopefully I'll find out soon I guess. If there are evil twins in this show I want to know about them. They tend to precede a great deal of confusion. That should be interesting.



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